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Inspiring journeys of moms who chose entrepreneurship and built valuable brands as businesswomen; mom leaders who are strong, positive change makers in the society; mom artists, celebrities, and influencers with impactful work; noteworthy brands that tirelessly work for our Boss Moms.

Ipsita Dash Founder of 6 Yards And More on I Boss Mom - ibossmom

6 Yards And More

Ethnic Apparel & Products

The fashionista mom chooses and only shops for clothes that describe and compliment her personality. This freedom to choose, through her start-up, she wants every women to have, where they can buy apparel that suit their personality and taste. The brand boasts of all products being handmade by Indian weavers and artisans. The brand caters to all income groups with a bulk of their products priced between Rs. 700 – Rs. 1,200, the most expensive being sarees, like Patola, that costs around Rs. 28,000. Apart from affordable pricing for the customer, the mompreneur strongly believes in fair pricing for her weavers as well, whereby giving a major chunk of the monetary portion to them. These weavers are spread across the length and breadth of the country.

Mansi, Founder of Kinder Mum, a cloth diaper brand, on I Boss Mom - ibossmom

Kinder Mum


“Cloth diapers save almost 75% cost for households when compared to the disposable diapers. Washing and then reusing these cloth diapers is not at all difficult, plus. it is sustainable solution to a necessity. Generally, working parents are a bit hesitant to opt for cloth diapers. But once they start using, they wouldn’t find it all that difficult. The idea is not for parents to switch to these completely. But using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones can significantly, and most definitely reduce the carbon print if possible.”

Story of Shruti Ajmera Reddy Founder Of Hapup on I Boss Mom - ibossmom


Baby Food 

“Our USP is versatility. Many brands are coming up with millet products, and that proves an increasing demand in the market. Also, India is a huge and diverse country, when it comes to food preferences, so more the number of players that come up in the market a healthy innovation shall be promoted in this segment.We won a grant for Agri Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Plus the brand also received a few grants after becoming a part of the Women Startup Program by IIM Bangalore and IIM Visakhapatnam.”

Indu Nair Founder of Indu Diva on I Boss Mom - ibossmom

Indu Diva


“Indu Diva is a brand of traditional art form fused into eclectic artisanal jewellery. No matter when you decide to enter a business, competition for it shall always be there. I stay current with brands and market trends, so the unique designs and stellar quality of my products does not make me worry about the competition.”

Story of Indie Project Store Founder Shilpi - I Boss Mom

Indie Project Store

Kids Apparel

Our USP lies in not making poppy, fancy, synthetic clothes because we believe in organic, conscious, and environment-friendly living. And so do our clients. A sensible approach to designs and fabrics works very well for us. This is attested by parents who come back every summer as repeat customers to refresh their children’s wardrobe. In fact, the brand also counts a few celebrities and celebrity wives from the South as their customers.

Story of Shalini Founder of Aspiration on I Boss Mom


Exhibitions | Marketplace

Since the initial days of having 3 – 4 stalls, Aspiration has now grown to exhibit over 100 vendors, with more than 5000 customers visiting these exhibitions. Aspiration Bazaar has 200+ verified vendors, each selling more than 50 products through the e-commerce portal. Bootstrapped, the company started churning out profits and turned cash flow positive within three years from their commercial launch. The core team of Aspiration brand consists of 4 members, for both online and offline businesses.

Gunjan founder of Shabari on I Boss Mom


Ethnic Home Decor

Considering the market, most brands sell mass produced, limited range products to people, but Shabari offers high product variations, in terms of design and personal customisations. An artistic mind of this Boss Mom is the key USP, and thus the flexibility that a customer gets with Shabari makes it the go-to brand for ethnic home décor items.

Reena Shah founder of Art Of Speech on I Boss Mom

Art of Speech

Academy for Performing Arts

Reena’s definition of ‘Art of Speech’ would be — a mix of acting, personality development, and public speaking. The kids learn how to creatively express through their voice, facial expressions, and body language, along with stage attitude and etiquettes. The prime focus is to provide an in-depth knowledge of acting, expression, and speech for children that will help them in understanding the initial phase of acting.

Mom entrepreneur Shruti founder of Bebe Burp on I Boss Mom


Baby Food

“The organic food market is growing and so are the sellers. But our USP is that we provide pre-mixes in the organic baby food category, which merely requires hot water to prepare. So we consider ourselves our own competitors, and we strive to improve at every step of the way.”

Ruby Vishwanath Founder of Purple Flaunt on I Boss Mom

Purple Flaunt

Maternity Wear

“I believe that every business takes 2-3 years in formulating a vision for the future. Until then, strategising and achieving short-term goals help in the sustaining the business. No brand can become an overnight success, it requires both, time and effort.”

Story of Sheetal Bhatt Founder of GOD Cafe on I Boss Mom

G.O.D. Cafe

Milk & Food | Cafe | Dairy

“I clearly remember the moment when Gir cows, the first two, entered my farm. Words wouldn’t do justice to express how I felt. I named them Lakshmi and Gauri, as I have named all my other cows.” It was not so long after that Sheetal brainstormed and planned for a café, alongside the milk delivery and milk product(s) manufacturing business. 

Story of Sana Ebrahim Masood Founder of Droolicious on I Boss Mom


Bakery & Food

Droolicious delights their customers with a wide range of brownies, bread, cakes, granola bars, cookies, croissants, muffin and cakes. The brand, as well, has launched a line of Ketogenic and digestive-friendly baked items, which has been a big hit. But, the lactose-free and gluten-free cakes have became their USP.

Swati Founder of Nabhi Sutra on I Boss Mom

Nabhi Sutra

Health & Wellness

“Our products do help people. I still remember about an arthritis patient who used to have 45 pain killers for his condition. But after trying our belly button oil, his pain killers reduced to 5!” Nabhi Sutra is heading forward with an aim to spread awareness about natural and Ayurvedic products among commoners.

Amazing Boss Mom Usha Jain - I Boss Mom

Heavenly Scents

Handcrafted Soaps | Skin Care

When there was no support from her marital home, Usha’s kids motivated her to keep up the fight for her dreams. With that, she braved to invest in Heavenly Scents from her own savings. “I was terribly broke but had only one thing in mind, to stay strong in every way I can, for myself and my kids.”

Mommy Founder Meghna Gandhi of Ribbon Candy on I Boss Mom

Ribbon Candy

Hair Accessories | Lifestyle

During the initial days of business I travelled across cities wearing sports shoes and a backpack full of all my products, in a bid to approach exhibitors. People, more often than not, judged my capabilities as a business woman. But now they have started to respect me, and I believe that I have earned it

Naanjil Founder Sushmita Singh on I Boss Mom


Artisan, Handcrafted Products

Naanjil happened when I met artisans who were very realistic about their approach in life and their art. They never wailed about the lack of opportunities. Instead, kept going and were perfectly happy with what that they had in their little homes. Their struggle resonated deeply with mine, and inspired me to give them a platform. I started aggregating artisans from all corners of the country, even from the middle of deserts.

Story of Radhika Iyer Talati Founder of Anahata On I Boss Mom


Wellness | Food | Lifestyle

The underlying foundation of Anahata is the use of only organic, chemical-free, and natural ingredients for all their products. They typically include generic ingredients, like turmeric (haldi), that allows everybody to use or consume the items.

Bodycafe Founder Pooja And Co-founder Tanushree - I Boss Mom

Body Cafe

Skin care & Wellness

There is no competition unless it’s a healthy one. Our products are of pure, organic ingredients only, at a budget-friendly rate, and this makes us stand out in the market, from other natural product brands.

Mompreneur And Founder Of Aksobha - I Boss Mom


Wellness | Household & Kitchen

Aksobha’s value is in it’s hand-made and natural, uniquely designed, herbal pain relief packs. This concept of wellness products is not adapted and executed by many brands in India. 

Mom entrepreneur and Founder Of Native Tongue - I Boss Mom

Native Tongue

Condiments & Food

The food industry is much more saturated than it was a few years ago, as everybody wants to dominate a niche. But we are considering this to be more of a collaborative space than competitive, specially in the B2B market. We have tied-up with bakery stores that specialises in an exotic range of bread, and have Native Tongue’s jams shelved at their stores.

Founder Of Aagghhoo, Navdeep Kaur - I Boss Mom


Kids Wear

I noticed that most foreign brands dominated the children’s apparel market and even Indian brands were pushing sales with non-organic cotton clothing that was actually contaminating the soil with chemicals. Right from inception, we gravitated towards using indigenous cotton, which are rain-fed and require lesser water to grow.

Aashna And Mom Entrepreneur Aanchal Founders Of Chicmomz - I Boss Mom


Maternity Wear

We want Chicmomz, as a brand, to be known for comfort meeting fashion, for all moms and moms-to-be. Women should always have the choice of comfortable clothing, especially during their pregnancy.

Founder of Poppy Pundits, Nikita Jaggi on I Boss Mom - ibossmom

Poppy Pundits


“Poppy Pundits’ activities intend to enable a person to think of an idea which they can later use in their day-to-day life. This subsequently introduces them to new perspectives and concepts. The primary thought is to help people understand and build a hobby which they would want to keenly pursue.”